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Model, Rig, Paint 
Seamlessly in Unity

UModeler X (Beta) is available on the Unity Asset Store right now.

If you're using or planning to learn tools like Blender, Max, Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, or Substance Painter etc, UModeler X will make your work much more convenient. 
We have carefully selected essential functions for 3D model creation such as modeling, rigging, painting and AI texturing and provided them as a Unity plugin.
Try editing 3D models in real-time within Unity and see how you can simultaneously improve your productivity and the quality of your 3D content.

Thanks to our self-developed high-performance 3D modeling engine, real-time editing of high-polygon models is not a problem.

Using tools like Bevel, Subdivide, etc., you can easily represent smooth curves.

Represent the detail of 3D models with over 50 essential 3D modeling tools for high-quality output.

UV Editing

UV Editing simplifies the process of unfolding complex 3D models into 2D textures.

No matter how complex the model is, it can easily be unfolded along the seams.

Utilize the robustly implemented UV editing feature to quickly apply textures, creating more vivid 3D models.


Stack modifiers in the stack to preserve the original while applying various model transformations.

Creating, deleting, and changing the configuration of modifiers is also easily done.

Brush Editing

​Utilize brush tools to finely adjust and transform the shape of your 3D models.

Simply by dragging the mouse, you can flatten or curve the surface of the model, and even maintain a uniform distance between vertices to create a well-ordered shape.

Through such brush editing, try implementing sophisticated 3D models of the shape you desire.


Add a skeleton to make the model's movements more dynamic.

Various editing tools are built in to add, connect, detach, and remove bones.

You can also assign weights to each bone with a brush, and use the Weight Transfer feature to import weight information from another model all at once.

Auto Rigging

Simplify time-consuming manual rigging tasks with auto rigging.

You can easily apply animation by automatically creating bone structures and assigning weights to models like humans or quadrupeds.

Instead of wasting time on complex rigging processes, focus more on creative work.

3D Painting

Experience near-perfect painting functions from adjusting brush attributes to layer editing and mask effects.

Paint directly on the 3D model, place images, and check the results in real-time.

Now you can create textures directly in Unity.

AI Texturing

Create images that suit the 3D model as viewed, with the help of AI. You can see the results mapped onto the model all at once.

Going further, make use of the layer function in painting mode to create richer variations on your 3D model by synthesizing with various images


Do you already have 3D data that you've worked on?

Whether it's an .FBX, .OBJ, or any other format model, you can bring it into Unity and modify and improve it with UModeler X, seeing the results in real time.

Now, free yourself from the hassle of going back and forth between Unity and other tools, constantly exporting and importing files to modify 3D data.

Feel free to use it without any cost burden!

The 3D asset creation tools provided in UModeler X, as introduced earlier, are completely free. Enjoy creating 3D content in Unity to the fullest without any financial burden

  • Some advanced features, including AI, may be provided at a cost in the future.


Do you have any questions about UModeler X? Are you experiencing any issues with the sign-in or sign-up process or while using it? You can find assistance through our FAQ and troubleshooting pages.


3D Artists
Try adding more professionalism to your expertise

If you are already using a professional tool, enhance your career by adding skills that can be modeled with the Unity engine. The view you see while working will be the final view.

The Developer of UModeler Unity’s representative modeling solution

Unity Verified Solution Partner

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