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UModeler X 시작하

UModeler X 초대장을 받으셨나요?

초대장을 받았다면 다음 안내에 따라 Hub를 설치하고 UModeler X를 시작해보세요.

❗ 현재 UModeler X의 회원가입은 초대장을 받은 얼리 액세스 사용자만 가능니다.

Getting Started with UModeler X

Using UModeler Hub you can create your account and install UModeler X with ease.

How to Create the Account and Install UModeler X


1. Download the Hub package

Add the UModeler Hub package to My Assets in the Unity Asset Store.


2. Install the Hub package

Install UModeler Hub in your project using the Unity Package Manager.

3. Creating an Account

Click on "Create a New Account" at the bottom left corner of the Hub login screen. On the subsequent account creation screen, enter the required information such as email and password, and then click the "Create a UModeler ID" button.

Creating Account.png

4. Email Verification

Once you complete the email verification process, your account creation is complete.


5. Install UModeler X

Click Install next to UModeler X to install it, and you're all set.


Do you have any questions about UModeler X? Are you experiencing any issues with the sign-in or sign-up process or while using it? You can find assistance through our FAQ and troubleshooting pages.

Manual & Community

After the installation, create various 3D models with UModeler X while watching tutorial videos and reading the manual. Don't forget to join the Discord community server!

Basic Tutorials


Discord Server

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